Francesco Fontes born in Genoa on March 1 1981.Diplomato Surveyor is entered in the faculty of political science at the University of Milan. Dj professional working for years and is known in the music and entertainment; his musical career began with studying the piano all 'age of six years then perfected in music theory and percussion becoming part of a philharmonic society of Liguria. Following the 'age of fourteen years discovers a passion for music and dance working in a service light and sound shows technically assisting the maximum MORIN and BUIO PESTO, MAXIMUM CATALDO (Crescendo tour) and MARINA trolls NEW REI, EROS Ramazzotti (Dove's music tour), sugar, LIGABUE, ROBERTO BENIGNI. 

At the same couple also a strong interest with sound and lights that were used and increasingly growing passion for dance began as the purchase of discs in the first vinile.Con gains earned during the summer working in the service starts to buy the first equipment and increasingly takes the idea of living alongside the dance music to his great passion: the service.All 'age of seventeen years began his career official dj with the first festival and early marriages that are proving a great success. Decides that the year after to make a real summer tour. 

Thus enters into friendship with the world of dance music and during the winter begin a busy schedule of commitments in local music and dance clubs of the North Italia.Nel 2000 he joined the team as speaker of ALDEBARAN RADIO (www.radioaldebaran . it), local radio Ligurian in which leads the 'ALDEBARADANCE "young and dynamic program broadcast Monday through Friday from 13:30 to 15:30. In the summer of 2004 comes" THE SAILOR "single dance in various compilations including national and DISCOPARADE HIT DANCE MANIA. 

Since the end of 2004 works with editions KATALI'-BUENA SUERTE GROUP.A December 2005 leaves "BANG BANG" the second single dance content within the DANCING DAY TIME Vol. 5.A June 2006 came the first album MY MUSIC COMPILATION of FRANCESCO FONTES with 10 new tracks including the new single del'estate "The flower of love" 

In June 2007 came the second album "Want" with the individual who gives the album title.

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