Fantasy Project

Fantasy Project

Fantasy Project is an austrian dance act. The project consists of frontman and singer Andreas Steinberger (N.D.A.) and his manager Hans Ploechl. Together with their producers Roland Binder and Dominik C.Y.T.Cydlik from Amadeus winner ARC-Records. 
Fantasy Project is now exploring the international market.

After their singles “Crazy Baby” and “Dam Dadi Doo”, with a trendy act with two delicious dancers Fantasy Project got great feedback at many live perfomances (on stage e.g. with Atomic Kitten & Novaspace)

With Fantasy Project The Album the international breakthrough was done. Especially in Asia and Canada Fantasy Project are known as the “Eurodance newcomers of 2004”. Many radio appearances and high chart positions followed.

In 2005 the single "Fall In Love” including a special Italo & German side was released in Austria by the label ARC-Records, an explosive package with national and international remixes by C.Y.T., Felipe Abel (Brasil), PrezerDJ (Italy), DJ Delta & Chris Cute vs. Libertia. Furthermore the italian label FMA also realised the potential of the song and released the single in Italy incl. Love Touch Remixes. 

In 2006 Fantasy Project released their single “Don’t Know Why”. Again a very melodical catchy song with Italodance & Hands Up mixes by C.Y.T., Chris Cute, DJ The Bass and DJ Delta.

In February 2007 they released 6th release, with the single "Like A Fool" also on ARC-Records.

In 2008 they had no less than five releases! Fantasy Project released a 2nd album + single with same title on a new label, Paranoja Record. It was named "Stay", and the album included 16 tracks, old and new. Then came the re-released "Crazy Baby" with new remixes, and for the summer came the new single "One More Time". One month later came the single "That's The Life".

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