...calls the Austrian Dance-Project, which was founded 2003 by Roland Denk together with Roland Binder ("Ab in den Sueden") & Dominik Cydlik aka C.Y.T. (international star producer and remixer) from ARC-Records.

With the Cover-Song "The Power Of Love" (Original by Jennifer Rush), which immediately could be released on the “Super Austria Vol. 4” and on some other compilations, the project EL-TONE first took place in the Austrian dance scene. 

The follow-up song "The Colour Of My Life" could be released on six compilations yet and the resonance - national like international - was very positive.

At present the singer of the first two tracks, Pamela Hofbauer, is on tour through Europe - as front woman of Deep.Spirit ('Lonely')

Actually the young Austrian Roland Denk and his producers fiddle on new tracks. An own LIVE-Act with new vocalist and professional dancers is in developing and the first single “With Or Without You” will be released soon...