The EARPHONES project comes out from the artistic cooperation between the two producers Roberto Terranova and Luca Lento and the singer Buzzanca.

The cooperation between Luca, the DJ of the band, and Roberto, the musician, started in ’95 approaching different kind of music, from elettrofunk music (Contact Three) and house music (Slow&Newland) to more commercial and lucky projects such as Bamble B., Naive, Kninck Knack. These last projects were produced together with Vincenzo Callea from the well-known team of Ti.Pi.Cal.
The same production team (Roberto, Luca and Vincenzo), under the name of “PooperScooper”, remixed the two first singles of Edge of Universe (“Afterlife” and “Life Force”), that went top ten in the italian sales charts, and the smash hit “Do you really like it?” from Dj Pied Piper, n.1 in the UK sales charts with more than 600.000 copies sold.

“Lie To Me” is the the first single of EARPHONES, a new version originally performed by DEPECHE MODE that reaches top ten in all the dance charts (Deejay Parade, Discomania, Los Cuarenta) and n.28 in the sale chart.
The second single “Primetime-Sexcrime” finally establish EARPHONES as one of the most famous act of the Italian music scene leading it to the wider market of pop-music: n.18 in the sale chart and top 5 in the dance charts in Italy, top 20 in Scandinavia and n.1 in Russia where they are very well-know and requested for performing in many live shows.
“Short Happy Life” is another great tune following on from their two top ten reached in the past year:
n.35 in the sale chart (FIMI/Nielsen), top ten in all the most important dance charts (Radio Deejay, Radio 105, Radio Italia Network); they stay again in the top ten of the sale chart in Russia too.
The fourth single, “The Ballad Of A Clochard”, keeps alive the unique style of EARPHONES, but probably it is more club oriented; top 10 in the dance charts and top 40 in the sale chart (FIMI/Nielsen).

“This Is Pop?” is the first album of EARPHONES including many other future hits in addition to the first four singles: “Obsession” sees the special cooperation with SMASH!!, one the most famous Russian band; this song, written by Luca, Roberto and Ben ‘Jammin’ Robbins, has just been released in Russia and it’s already a big hit!
The singer Buzzanca comes back in “Birds”, a track that reminds a lot the earlier hits of the band.
Very interesting and unexpected is “Angel In Me“ a sweet ballad that makes known the romantic side of
“This Is Pop?” is a cover version of the track originally performed by XTC.
The last four tracks, “Human Being”, “No Jesus Preching”, “Assembly Line”, “Y.O.Y”, are a well-done mixture of electro-pop and new wave of ’80.

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