DJ Gio

DJ Gio

Giovanni Codraro aka. DJ Gio was born in Milazzo (Messina) Italy.

He has always had a great passion for dance music and wanted to be part of that world. The first time he entered a dance club he was more interested in observing the dj, than to enjoy the music on the dancefloor.

At a very young age he learned musical notes by playing a small keyboard he received from his parents as a present. From that moment it was clear that he had a strong passion for music.

In 1995 he started to get private piano lessons, and continued for 5 years. In that time he learned the principles of note arrangement and harmony making them in an original way.

Gio is a lover of different genres, but he especially likes Dance, and in 2000 he started his career as a dj/producer creating various remixes. Some where played on air on "Doremix", a very famous program played on Radio Deejay made by Maurizio Molella

Later on, the common passion for the music brought him to form two dance projects with friends he meet in that period, they were useful because they increased his experience and technical ability. The first project was Soundvibes which produced songs with alot of melody, the second was Loud Project with much more aggressive songs.

In 2004 he began to be appreciated between the experts of the dance nation and produced certain remixes for artist that were already signed to record labels and well known.

2005 was the year when his productions were played for the first time on local radio and above all national, one of all m2o. It was when  they played his remix of Japan Girl "Disco Japan". In October that year, he worked on "Wanna Be With You" a cover of the famous song by Jinny produced in '95. The new version had incredible happenings and feedback it was announced as the best remix of 2005 on Chemical Land on m2o. In this year he has met many people that work in his musical field that have helped him to determinate his future. In fact his first contacts with Emotive Sounds has taken place, the record label born only a few months earlier, by the idea to help the young talents. Under this label the first single official produced by DJ Gio was released, the title is Get Lost "Lovepathia". This marks officially the start of Giovanni's adventure, the first step to his dream.

DJ Gio is a very charismatic and positive person, he doesn’t stop for anything, everything is a goal and he must reach it. He also followed digital audio editing, professional mastering and sound engineer courses.

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