DJ Cuad

DJ Cuad

Jordi aka. DJ Cuad was born the 9th of July 1980 in Figueres, a town of GironaSpain.

His real interest in electronic music and specially in Italodance and Eurodance music started in the year 1999, because of the current great hits from formations like Eiffel 65, Gigi d’Agostino, Prezioso, ATB, The Soundlovers and many more!

In the year 2001 Jordi created a web page dedicated to Italodance music that would become one of the best online Dance magazine webs in Spanish language. At the beginning the web was called:, later and nowadays it's During these years the website has got collaborations and interviews from different artists like Gabry Ponte, Floorfilla, Cascada, Infernal, Groove Coverage, DJ Lhasa, Robert Miles, Molella, etc.
In the same year, Jordi started his trip like a DJ…his name would be DJ Cuad, a surname well thought by his friends, his first turn-tables would be Akiyama and his first vinyl: Paps'N'Skar "Loving You". His love with Italodance music was always there!

In 2002, he played his first live show in Pub6 Club Tarrega (Lleida, Spain) and in the next years many more in different parties and important Spanish clubs like Panoramic, Marte, La Nau etc.

In the end of 2004, DJ Cuad began his first project on FM Radio collaborating in a musical program called “In Session” at Radio Vilafant.

Some months later, in February 2005, he started a live program on the italian dance web radio IDN - Italian Dance, mixing every friday night.

During the year 2005 he began working on a project with the collaboration of some spanish friends: creating the first single! It’s name was called DJ Cuad "Living In A Dream" and was a real Commercial Dance hit! It was released in 2006 in Italy on the compilation by Disco Planet Records called Dance Connection vol. 2, and also in Singapore on three compilations: Master Plate vol. 1, Super DJ Megamix and Best Italo Dance Hits vol. 1.

In September 2006, DJ Cuad started his 3rd radio project on the Spanish Radio Locura FM with a live program called “Ritmo Cuatidiano” that was in the air every Monday and Thursday night.
At the end of 2006, he finished his 2nd song project: DJ Kajjin vs. DJ Cuad "Live In Me" that was pure Italodance style. This song was released during the year 2007 in Germany on the compilation by Zyx, Italo Fresh Hits vol.1 and in Italy on Deejay Traxx vol. 4 by the label Fluida Records and in Singapore on the first edition of Best Italo Dance Hits 2007.

Apart from his musical work, Jordi got a university degree in Business Studios in the year 2002, and he has an important working experience in firms accounts audit and consulting.

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