Daniele Meo

Daniele Meo

Daniele was born on the 6th of May in 1985.

He started producing, when his father one day came home with a PC Magazine that included alot of demo software. Daniele and his brother installed some of the music software, and discovered the world of computer-music. All month Daniele used to experiment and learn.

He is about 16 years old, when he writes his first italian songs, but soon he begins to write english songs aswell, and with good results.

In 2003 he writes a catchy tune in italian pop-dance style, with the title "Il Mio Cuore Fa Bum Bum!!" and in 2004 he produce it. This track get's played on air at the local radio Abruzzo, where he lives.

In 2005 he produces "Sarai Sempre Con Me" under Daniele Meo and "Fly Away" under D-Project, in Italo-Dance style.

In 2006 Paolo Mantero notice Daniele's talent, and he releases "Sarai Sempre Con Me" and "Fly Away" on a compilation called "Dance Corporation", with other new talented producers.

After this he released an EP, also on Paolo Mantero's label Armonica Records.

He sings on all his own tracks, and has been cooperating with a couple producers, being the vocal on their tracks.

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