Gabriele "Jack" Pastori:
Before he joined Brothers, he released a song called "I Try" with the project called Activa. It was nr. 1 in the dance charts in the year 1996.
Later he released a song called "No More Questions" with the Swingers. It got a lot of airplay, and was placed well in the charts.

Walter "Watt" Mangione:
He has made several productions, including an album called "The Exit Way" that he entered the european charts with.

Thomas Ferri / Ferro:
He is from a project called Aurora, which was played in many great italian radios. With this project he toured around in the best clubs, around Europe.

Giuseppe Brittani:

The first single from the Brothers called "I'm Gonna Fly", had good succes through out Europe. It enters different charts and get's played on various radios.
The second single called "Dance Now" also became a hit around Europe, with alot of airplay. It was licensed to Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia), east of Europe and Australia where it was included in numerous compilations.

After that they came out with "Sexy Girl" which get's played well on the radios, and reaches top 10 on most radio dance charts.
While it's playing on the radios, Brothers decides to do an Italian version of the song just before the official release, and it turns out to get even more popular.

They continue their succes in Italy, with the follow up "The Moon". It get's played many places around the world, and reaches top 5 on the dance charts.

Then they release the single "Dieci Cento Mille", which is one of the songs that became integrated in soundtrack of the soccer videogame "FIFA 2005". 
The same summer they release their album, also by the name "Dieci Cento Mille".