Bietto aka Fabio Iulianello was born on the 14th of June in 1988.

He started to produce dance music in 2001. In that year he listened to a funny italian hit, by two italian conductors: Paolo Bonolis & Luca Laurenti - "Bucatini Disco Dance". So Bietto bought "Bucatini Disco Dance Compilation" which contained various Italo Dance tracks. After purchasing the cd, Bietto fell in love with this kind of music and he started listening to very famous producers (like Gigi D'Agostino, Eiffel 65, Gabry Ponte, Roberto Molinaro etc..).

This passion was already felt in the 90s with Aqua's songs and their great Eurodance style. This passion grew until Bietto decided to produce music himself!

In 2004 Bietto discovered a good sequencer, Fruity Loops (FL Studio) to make his favourite music. Over time he improved his technique, he discovered new and beautiful sounds and virtual instruments to make remixes and some own tracks.

Even if today the electronic italian music is dominated by House and Electro style, Bietto is continuing to realize Italo Dance music and sometimes Lento Violento Music, a genre made popular by Gigi D'agostino, characterized by an Italo Dance rythm but with a slower BPM.

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