Boštjan Kolednik better known as Bastino is a slovenian singer, producer, remixer and a succesfull radio voice talent. He was born near the oldest slovenian documented town, Ptuj.

He is a multiinstrumentalist and in love with music from the early years. With help of music he was able to cope with a difficult childhood, where he was often forced to sleep without the roof over the head even in the winter time.

In order to start fulfilling his musical dream he worked as a bricklayer for several years and moved in an unfurnished appartment when he was 19 with a loan for the computer and a car which was falling apart.

And then it started. He applied for the job of a radio engineer and was chosen amongst 85 other candidates. The management of the radio station quickly realised his potencial as a voice artists and Bastino soon became a radio moderator.

In 2005 he accepted the challenge to become a member of the radio staff of one of the largest slovenian radio networks and so turned a new chapter in his radio career. He still works on this station today.

All this time Bastino was developing and improving his singing and producing skills.

A breakthru came in the beginning of the new millenium when he meet David Vrtin, a succesfull dj at the time and also a part of the slovenian production team D@D who was also the main editor and founder of the Mister Deejay website (site dedicated to dance music)

David was very impressed with Bastino's vocal abbilities and the two quickly joined forces and started working on one of Bastino's ideas. In the middle of the week the project was brought into life and after two hours of cordination they started to record the vocals at 3 in the morning which was a very brave thing to do since Bastino had to consider other residents living in the same building (or he lacked consideration that night). Around five in the morning the vocals were done, David took them home and without sleeping carried one with the production. The track was finished at eleven o'clock the same day. The next week David was invited to perform as a dj with his team in a club called Yucatan (one of the biggest and most succesfull slovenian disco clubs at that time). Untitled, the new produced track was played in a radio show Royal Club and later at the event in Yucatan. The crowd's reaction was magnificent and overnight the name Bastino was not an ordinary name anymore. A few weeks later "Open Your Eyes" became a slovenian club and radio hit and also entered the european dancefloors.

In November the same year "Ti Si Sve (You Are Everything)" was released, a track that surpased the succes of the debut single and was a big hit in the former Yugoslavia. The track also moved Bastino's name outside of the dance oriented media and clubs. Hearing the song on a Sunday afternoon mainstream radio wish-list was nothing special.

"Ti Si Sve" was written and sung in croatian language (Slovenia's neighbour country) which was suggested by the Slovenian dance legend Dean Windisch and it also appeared on the famous compilation Beli Album (White Album). That track made many people think he was a croatian artist.

The next singles "Serenade", "Disco Lights" , "Jedina" ("The Only One" – 2nd croatian track) and "Kraljica (The Queen)" followed in 2004, at the same time Bastino's team also was one of the leading new slovenian remix artists to start a cover-wave of old slovenian and croatian (ex yugoslavian) hits.

In 2006 a new chapter began as Bastino began a co-operation with the austrian production group and label ARC Records who are also producing the dance project Deep.Spirit.

Bastino's remix for Deep.Spirit's "You're The On That I Want" was featured on a 12" vinyl and was praised by many Italo-dance lovers as one of the best remixes on the record. Such a release is a major succes, especially since not many slovenian dance artists are succesfull outside of the borders of the home country.

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