Alessandro Viale

Alessandro Viale

Alessandro Viale was born on the 19th of December in Milan, Italy.

When he was 16 years old, thanks to the strong passion for music, he discovered the club scene and began practise as a dj.

It rewarded 2 years later, when he started playing at various clubs.

At the age of 18, he got to know the producer Massimo Morin and thanks to him they made the first productions of Alessandro which was published by the big label Sony Music. After this rewarding experience, he decided to buy equipment to build his first home studio (a sampler, keyboard, analogue, and a studio mixer). Shortly after he begins to make his first dance productions, which was printed on the now closed label Disco Magic.

In the next 2 years he mainly produce House, Tribal House and Experimental for the independent label Dig It which also is closed now.

With this label and the support of the two guys Julian B and Piko, he produces a considerable number of dance productions and begins to climb the different charts of various radios. Together with Piko, he also make remix for the famous italian group 883 of their song "La Regola Dell’Amico".

Meanwhile at home, what started as a small home studio, was now expanded with always new equipment.

In 1995 he starts a mix-program with Stefano Fontana on the famous Radio Capital, lead by Claudio Cecchetto. The program was called "Mix Files", and was aired on saturday nights.

In 1997 he made his first real success, with the single "Party Night" by the artist Ambigual on the label Time Records. This took him straight to the top of the italian dance charts.

On behalf of the label Cis rec. he makes the first of two remixes; "By Your Side" by Malina which gets released by the label Tommy Boys, and enters the dance single charts in USA. The second remix was for the single "Reach Out". 

What he did not know at this time, was that he worked with his partner in many future productions Roberto Gallo Salsotto

Together they produce all the tracks for the group Paps'N'Skar on Time Records. The first single "You Want My Love" is finished in the end of 1998, and turns out to be a great succes that climbs high on all the charts both national, but also throughout Europe. With Paps'N'Skar they release another 5 singles, which are all very popular and on the top of the charts in Europe.

During that time they also realize the project D.E.A.R. (Davide Scarpulla, Emanuele Cozzi, Alessandro Viale and Roberto Gallo Salsotto) together with the guys of Paps'N'Skar. They find the female singer Melody Castellari, and produces two tracks released on Sony Music. The first one "Talk To Me" also goes straight to the top of the charts.

In 2000 the four guys Alessandro, Emanuele Cozzi, David Scarpulla and Roberto Gallo Salsotto, starts a new project called Sally Can Dance.

The first single is a cover of the popular 80's song by Dead Or Alive "You Spin Me Around (Like A Record)" made in a dance version, and the second is their very own "All I Need", both singles are released by the label Universal.

Also in 2000 thanks to the collaboration, with another italian dance producer Roberto Santini - Viale and Salsotto begins their biggest succes so far, with the project Billy More and the single "Up & Down" which becomes a big european hit. This is the first of in all six releases under the project Billy More.

Some time after, this collaboration results in a new project and a new song titled "Boys & Girls" together with the great singer and performer John Biancale. The project was called Souvenir D'Italie.

This leads to many other productions, in which can be mentioned the single of Miranda entitled "Bamba", the project Eliane and "Call Me Baby" with the producer Saverio Ariemma, and Hologram, with a single in trance-style called "I'm In Love Again".

Alessandro Viale
Alessandro Viale
Alessandro Viale
Alessandro Viale
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