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January 24th, 2017 / By: Würden

Once upon time, that's how most adventures start and on this occation it almost feels the same with this being an almost unreal evening - a wonderful comeback!

In the middle of the 00's a good healthy amount of italodance-artists visited Denmark attending NRJ Extravadance (radio show on Radio Energy) and Plaze Techno Night-parties (both started and run by Danish DJ Rimini-Peter). Since 2010 not many ItaloDance artists have played in Denmark and...

May 14th, 2016 / By: Wausti

Listen to the entire story here:

In the end of March it was announced by Radio Emotions, that their radio show “Dance Room” with Dallas & Geekerd, Magna Romagna, Mr...

December 4th, 2015 / By: Wausti

Few days after returning from our trip to see Gigi D'Agostino on New Years Eve ...we were determined to go see him again, but this time for Halloween,
not only because it was amazing and we missed the most of the set of Luca Noise and hope he would join again
- but also because it is supposed to be the other big returning event of the year for Italodance dj's.
So we created the event on the 6th of January without knowning where Gigi would...

January 14th, 2015 / By: Wausti

"Let us go to Italy and see Gigi D'Agostino Live on New Years Eve!" that sentence, has been
said a lot over the years, and in the year of 2014 we finally decided to go!

It was a bit uncertain if we would go or not, ‘cause it took a while before we knew if/where Gigi would play, but on the 9th of december 2014 it was finally announced that Gigi would...

June 28th, 2014 / By: Luc Trombini

As most probably know the second installment of IDP's very own compilation is out in the shops. The compilation follows volume 1 and includes 14 never before released tracks in mixed italodance and lento style. Luckily, I got the privilege to review the entire compilation.

First track of the compilation is Alexandra Shine - Play That Game (Bietto Remix). Vocals chords are "ok" in my opinion and the lyrics could be better. The vocal ad-libs 'tutututu' is quite catchy and...