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April 1st, 2008 / By: Henrik Sørensen



About 2 months after the release of Movimentolento vol. 1, Thomas Prioli and Carlo Oliva announced the next chapter in the Movimentolento series: Movimentolento vol. 02 where various unknown deejays and producers also this time get a chance to show what they are capable of in the lento-genre.

Track list:

00. Intro
01. Doktor Veleno – Dark Sahara (Sabydark Vision)
02. Dj Lazor – Children Of Ivalice
03. Love Factory – Heaven
04. Giuseppe Sessini – Sballo
05. Padredibassi – Eppiness
06. Tonylaca – Musicomane
07. Dj Erminio – The Night
08. Jizm0 – Game Over (Tanzen Bubble Mix)
09. Dj Pulsar – Ballata Spensierata...

March 15th, 2008 / By: Christopher von Würden

Once again the Danish producer Thomas Koch and singer Mario better known as Italian Rockaz are back with a new single entitled Bella Italia. Though it may sound like cooperation between Italian Rockaz and Glozzi the single is actually produced by Thomas alone since he is the man behind the Glozzi project too. The single boasts an immense remix pack from various producers. Also two new versions of Italian Rockaz’ last single La Donna have fought their way through.

1. Bella Italia (Radio Mix) (3:52)
2. Bella Italia (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe) (3:33)
3. Bella Italia (NDS vs Tom E Edit) (3:06)
4. Bella Italia (DJ Zulan Radio Edit) (3:23)

March 4th, 2008 / By: Henrik Sørensen

Thomas Prioli and Carlo Oliva, 2 guys known best from projects such as DOS and WOOFER (in cooperation with Gigi D’Agostino). They have now decided to make a brand new Lento Violento album called Movimentolento where they give young talents the chance to bring us their interpretation of Lento Violento.

Track list:

00. Intro
01. Andrea D’Elisi & Daniele Cocuzza – Light Of The Heart
02. Speedj – We Stand Out
03. Dark Project – Your Bass (Catania Mix)
04. Jojo DAK – GSM DAK
05. Dj Andreoli – Fretta
06. Dj Icestorm – Seratina
07. TANZ89 – Koiddio
08. Love System – Infinito (melodico spasmodico mix)
09. Iron Dee Jay – Alpha...

February 16th, 2008 / By: Christopher von Würden

The Dance Attack series are back in another volume, this time with DJ Janik along for the second time and Jack Dizzle for the first. Janik Frithioff also known as DJ Janik is a Danish deejay and promoter of the italo genre while Jack Dizzle also known as Casper Østergaard and former co-producer of the Danish dance act Aycan, is a producer and deejay focused mainly on the Hard Dance genre and has mixed for Italian Rockaz among others.

In contrast to the last volume DJ Janik produced in the Dance Attack series “Italo Power Mix” where he mixed the whole cd, he only mixed half as much this time whereas Jack Dizzle mixed the other half.

Track list:

Part 1...