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February 23rd, 2011 / By: Daniella S.

The comeback of Gianluca Cellai, better known as Kronos, Habemus Italiam (= We have got Italy according to Google Translate), it is produced by Marco Skarica & Enzino which makes a lot of sense, considering 6 out of 8 of the tracks are named M.S. or M.S. and Enzino, while the vocals are the well known from Cellai and previous Kronos productions.

1. Habemus Italiam [Intro] 2:22
2. Habemus Italiam [Marco Skarica Elektrowork Extended] 6:15
3. Habemus Italiam [Marco Skarica Elektrowork Radio] 4:31
4. Habemus Italiam [Marco Skarica & Enzino Italo Extended] 4:51
5. Habemus Italiam [Marco Skarica &...

October 27th, 2010 / By: Andrea Doerner

Movimentolento Platinum Edition is the 8th CD in the series and was released January 2009. The Platinum Edition features a number of artists who were on prior compilations such as Opera, Don Chisciotte, Woofer, and Krapfen. It also includes a couple of new artists (Time Machine and Beat 2 Beat) and a bonus track by Kartapesta. 

Track list:

1. DOS - Control Room
2. Opera - Pulstar
3. Don Chisciotte - Bandolero
4. Woofer - La Differenza
5. DOS - Why Me (Magical Vision)
6. Time Machine - Giddyap A Go Go
7. El Diablo - The Drumma
8. DOS - Memories (Fisamix)
9. Sancho - Caravan's Theme
10. Beat 2 Beat - Make A Wish

October 14th, 2010 / By: Christopher von Würden

Dominik Cydlik and Antonio Caboni better known as C.Y.T. and DJ Zulan finally laid down the last barrier in their collaboration and took it to the fullest with C.Y.T. as singer instead of Jelya, the vocal on other DJ Zulan productions. As always from ARC Records, owned and run by C.Y.T. and partner Roland Binder, this release also includes a bunch of well produced remixes.

The single includes remixes from DJ Gio, Luna Felix and Disc Jockeyz, Partytrooperz and Sun Kidz.
The original version is produced by DJ Zulan and C.Y.T. where the lyrics are both written and sung by C.Y.T. Unlike...

October 8th, 2010 / By: Christopher von Würden

Luca Martire or simply Luca Noise is the valiant helper of Gigi D’Agostino and co-producer through many years. Luca Noise debuted in 2005 with his first release, a remake of Mike Oldfield’s classic Moonlight Shadow. The first album, Potenza Adeguata, came out last year and already he is ready with another album.

The new album is called “Way Of Life Volume 1” and includes totally 15 tracks. The previous album was mostly Lento Violento and so is this although some of the tracks go a little up in tempo. Way Of Life starts as the trend is nowadays with a quieter melodic track, just as DJ Maxwell’s...

September 22nd, 2010 / By: Christopher von Würden


Massimiliano Pompegnani better known as DJ Maxwell started as a DJ in the 1990s in Italian radio but came out as producer in 2000 mostly as remixer, but soon got success with his own distinctive style. Later he got hired as producer of massive success group Paps'N'Skar, popular singer Billy More and Gabry Ponte. But after the descend in popularity of italodance the amount of releases from DJ Maxwell descended too and shortly after he changed style mostly to Lento Violento after meeting Gigi D'Agostino in a club.

Trust No One is the first...