Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha - Zombie

Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha - Zombie

May 10th, 2013 / By: Michael Waust


Mohsen Arabasadi aka Persian Raver has been a part of the italo community since he started to produce music, but he has gotten his success producing a mix of Hands Up, Hard Dance and Hard Trance with releases on one of the biggest labels in Germany called Mental Madness. Together with his old friend from Iran, TRANE aka Mohammad Aghamohammadi he released "Zombie".
The song is inspired by a video game published by PopCap Games called "Plants vs. Zombies" which also is where the cover and some sounds are borrowed from.
The release contains remixes in various styles, and for us the most interesting must be the FranJ & Domasi Remix.
Most italodance fans have heard of Domasi which has been in italo for some years now, but on this remix he got a partner in the spanish FranJ and this is his first official release.
The remix has a very nice fat and soft but still powerful "basso", which is very enjoyable to listen to, together with the great voice of Farisha and all the small details such as the small Domasi bell-sounds which gives a fairtyale feel to it, well fitted voice cuts and a great melodic synth.

It's a pure party track, with a great happy beat and a synth melody that just screams: Put your hands up in the air!

Label:Mental Madness (Germany)
Type of media:Digital Release



Dj Aquacrash
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August, 2006

Pretty cool Smile


Domasi Remix reminds me much of Disco Bee - This Is My Club Indietro Remix